How Often Are Invisalign Aligners Adjusted for Design and Fit?

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Like other people, you may have a lot of questions about the design and fit of Invisalign® aligners. Unlike braces, patients change Invisalign trays to achieve progression in alignment. By changing trays regularly, your teeth move into alignment gradually. The dentist will assess your goals and your orthodontic issues and come up with an appropriate plan of treatment.

Invisalign means gradual and measurable progress

For many, Invisalign aligners are a faster alternative to alignment correction than braces. But there can be a lot of confusion around how progression happens. The dentist uses a program to digitally design a series of trays that steadily guide the teeth into position. There is some flexibility in how often patients change trays.

For the quickest results, dentists recommend patients transition to the next tray every one to two weeks. Some patients may have mild misalignment or may not experience much discomfort. These patients are more likely to be able to change trays every week. Other patients need more time to allow the teeth to move or to minimize discomfort. Dentists do not recommend patients take longer than two weeks to move from one tray to another.

Discreet transitions

Invisalign aligners work better when patients are consistent. It is a good idea to set a reminder or write down on a calendar when to change trays. Even though Invisalign trays are easy to use and wear, most patients are eager to complete the treatment. Not changing trays according to the schedule can delay the final outcome. It can also result in having to go back to the dentist for additional trays.

The right time of the day to change Invisalign trays is not during the day — it is at night. The new tray will be slightly different than the old one. Patients can feel some discomfort when moving to a new tray since it will move the teeth further toward their final positions. Changing trays before bed can minimize pain and discomfort, as the first few hours of wear will be while the patient is asleep.

Keeping the schedule

Developing a consistent routine is the key to success. Many people do not realize how difficult this can be. Things happen in daily life that can throw the routine off. Patients who can replace the trays at the same time on the same day will stay on track for their projected results. Another important factor is how long a patient wears the trays during the day. For Invisalign to work effectively, dentists tell patients to wear the trays at least 20-22 hours a day. People who stick carefully to that schedule will reduce the chances of needing extra time or trays during the treatment.

Progress with Invisalign

Invisalign wearers play an active role in their alignment treatment. When you stay involved and follow the dentist’s recommendations, results will happen on schedule. An aligned smile is within reach if you follow your individualized plans. Invisalign is a simple and effective way for you to achieve lasting results.

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